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Last Day of Japanese + Buffet at Wasabi

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Wow, haven’t blogged in eons but that’s ok =)  Hmm…so today was my last class of Japanese…well actually, it was just for report card pick up hehe.  Hm, so Ome and I arrived to class at 9:50am *nods*  I told everyone to come at 10 so we could party, but MOST PEOPLE came at like..10:30? =_=  Made us wait…hehe.  So Ome and I made some of Ome’s student council lollipop badges out of boredom.  Lalala, then everyone was here (minus Nancy cuz she slept in) and we all got our marks and tests and trinkets from Niiro Sensei and then came the hugs and the smiles and the picture taking and the sushi sampling (and Ivana came over and ate most of the homemade sushi =P)  Hmm…didn’t do much here cuz we were ALL WAITING FOR NANCY who showed up at like 11.  Nancy had the construction paper to make the card and the picture frame of our class (mind you people, our class has like 13 people)  Yeppers, so Nancy made the card and we all signed it (well most of us, we ran out of time b/c we were supposed to leave school at 11:30 or the janitor might eat us).  Then Wendy made reservations at Wasabi.  It was really stupid cuz they were like you can reserve for 11:00, 11:30, and 1:00.  We took 1:00 b/c Niiro Sensei had to stay at school for some meeting till 12:30 and we wanted to wait for her *nods*  But then she was like the class could go first, so then we changed the reservation to 11:30 (mind you, it was like 11:25 at that time)  Ahaha, and we were all convinced a little retardedness (yes that is MY word) wouldn’t matter.  Ok so we all took some more pictures, and packed everything up (gosh that took forever) and we split up into 2 groups to get to Wasabi (Edward drove and John called his dad)
Lalala, so we arrive and I SAW ANGEL’S DAD AHAHAHA…I then called Angel and told her I would be at Wasabi for some time, and she was free to come in and raid if she wanted to XD  And she did at 1 and we talked a bit and caught up XD  Ok so at the buffet place (Niiro Sensei wasn’t here yet) we just sat and finished signing her card…or attempted to anyway, b/c MOST OF YOU sign SOOOOO much in JAPANESE that I decided to be cool and only write Arigatou Gozaimasu.  Oh whatever, so then we all decided that when Niiro Sensei came, we would all scream out her name and get up and bow to her (mind you we are sitting in the MIDDLE of the room…ahaha)  Ok, so she comes and then we all scream her name at different times and bow at different times…AHAHAHA…THAT WAS SO FUNNY…everyone looked at us funnily and yeah it was awesome.  Ok, so we give Niiro Sensei her gift and she was all emotional and then we give her her card and she was all touched and yes everyone ate happily ever after.  Well actually, there was a lot of picture taking and all that, and John almost got teary eyed when I told him I never watched Star Wars before.  Apparently I’m a deprived child.  Ahaha, then there was more signing on the placemats, John eating like 3986986234 plates of food, and Edward a close runner up, and John’s icecream which consisted of like 2389585 flavours, with JELLO hidden inside and some weirdo cookie…ahaha.  Then Edward took pictures of Sensei, Ome, Teresa and I with peaches in our mouths doing funny poses ahaha.  You hafta send them to me!!  Ok…hmm…then everyone started leaving…which was sad…cuz we were just getting started =P  Hm…so Ome and I were being weird again and decided to go get some ice cream.  We came back to our table with Green Tea ice cream mixed with beef and fishball tofu and a cookie stick.  Ahaha, then Ome added SOY SAUCE to our ice cream.  Yumyum? I guess… ahaha, the tofu was kinda good, and the ice cream with soy sauce was soooo bitter we wanted to throw up ahaha, but it made everyone laugh so it was good ^_^  Hm…well the highlight of the day was when we were paying for the BILL…. HMMM LOOKS LIKE WE ALL NEED TO GO BACK TO GRADE 9 MATH CLASS…cept Wendy maybe =P  Ahaha, so yeah, Stephanie, John, Edward, Nancy and Sensei had left, and they gave us their money (minus Sensei since we’re treating her), which was 15 dollars each.  Trouble is they never realized the cost for each person was 14.99 PLUS TAX, not to mention we’re paying for THE TEACHER…so like 19 dollars per person (according to Wendy)  Obviously, we were short on cash, so the remaining people (Ome, Teresa, Wendy, Anna, Douglas and I) had to pay 22 bucks each and gosh it was so funny trying to figure out all the cash and who pays what and what not *nods*  I think that took us 15 minutes…and we were making so much noise people kept staring.  Anyway, the bill was 189 bucks.  We kinda didn’t have enough money…and we left a 2 dollar tip…AHAHAHAHA OMG THAT WAS HALARIOUS…the waitress lady was like, can I take the bill?  And we’re all like sureeee and thanks for the food and everything with a cheesy smile, and we all dashed out…AHAHA…so awesome XD Hmm…then my mom picked Ome and I up at 2:30 and that was it =)


  Kyle wrote @

glad u had had a fun day ~

  Whitney wrote @

lol fushi dear! yea soo awesome meeting u thaat day. omg. i was reading about ur paying the bill part… and OMG does that remind me of everytime me and my friends go out to celebrate and need to pay the bill. roflmaoooo. i soo remember for my bday, when we went to wasabi, did the EXACT same stuff as u guys spending like 30 min figuring out all the money. THEN it was SOO JOKES cuz we realized they did some stupid taxing on us trying to get more money outta us… then me and a bunch of my friends just marched up to the front desk with the bill… and i like demanded them to change it so that it’s proper taxing. IT WAS SO JOKES. i was like. YO. SINCE WHEN U ADD TIPS TO THE PRICE AFTER TAX HUH? WHO DOES THAT MAN. NOBODY. SO STOP TRICKING US KIDS. and the front desk ppl were all annoyed and didn’t want us to make a big thing outta it so they changed it for us. AHAHA> so jokes. we soo owned them. xD newayzzz. i prob can’t go to anime north this year =( sry! Hope u have fun if ur gonna be there! <3 angel

  Unknown wrote @

I’m pretty sure I ate more than John…

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