When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Snow Day

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Well I just finished shovelling my drive way, and man does it feel good doing some exercise.  Mind you I almost died of dehydration…my mom had told me to wear like 70 layers…=_=  Of course after like 5 minutes, I got really sweaty so I just took off my jacket and shovelled with my hoody on.  Anyway, back to my lovely-full day.  So it was a normal school day, had a warning about a ‘blizzard’ and school let out 10 minutes early because ‘there is a blizzard and we need to get home safe’.  Hmm…Money’s mom took an hour to get to our school, compared to the normal 8 minutes.  So while we waited (inside the school) for her, we (my accomplices and I) thought it would be funny to decorate a random person’s locker.  Well it just so happens that our VP has a locker in the main hall, and she ALWAYS goes out to smoke, so we found some recycled sheets of paper and stuck them all over her locker.  We wrote ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITNEY’ on it, (yes without the H) and wrote all these girly sentimental comments about smoking.  Then a teacher passed by and asked what we were doing, and we said we were decorating a friend’s locker.  Lalala…it would be so funny if that locker turned out to be some random kid’s locker =_=  Ahaha…anyway…I DREW EDWARD ON A PAPER BAG *claps* *silence*  Well I think it looks spiffy so leave me alone!  *runs to the supermarket and stabs a celery*
Fushi hopes the snow will snow and snow and snow and then the whole world will be white  and fluffy, just like BunBun.  Hmm…I think CoffeeHouse might be cancelled T_T…darn and I was looking forward to wearing me ‘private academy uniform’.  Hmm…I’m SO LOST in chem right now…which is weird…and I also happen to LOVE BIOLOGY…which is weird…and art is just plain boring…WHICH IS WEIRDEST OF ALL…And that is about it about my very special day…hmm…


  Manson wrote @

Woo \O[]O/! First XD

  Manson wrote @

My dad took 1h and 30 min to drive O.o… and I shovelled the snow as well! XDI made a little path and when I got back in, my dad told me to go back outside to shovel the rest of the driveway… oh well XD

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