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100 Things To Do

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Thanks Jasmine for the lovely idea.  Credit is all yours buddy XD Sorry if I took some of your points @_@ Took me about…5 days to make this…cuz I kept changing my mind.  Then I wanted to put it in alphabetical order…and stopped halfway…and mixed it up again XD  Ahaha, yes I have no life.  Well here’s my list of 100 things to do before I die, in random order.  And yes I know some of them are not possible XD  I invite everyone to make their own list XD
  1. Spray my hair silver with shades of blue and purple streaks
  2. Watch a sunset on a beach
  3. Go on a road trip with friends
  4. Go on a cruise with friends
  5. Stay up all night on the phone…and actually have things to talk about <– *wink wink*
  6. Have my very own awesome looking bow and arrow set
  7. Graduate from high school and attend university
  8. Learn how to wind surf
  9. Travel around the world
  10. Try contacts
  11. Go on a shopping spree with my friends
  12. Live until I can’t take care of myself
  13. Learn Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu op. 66
  14. Learn how to surf
  15. Learn how to hand glide
  16. Watch a bird hatch
  17. Be in a movie with a major role
  18. Watch a spaceship be launched live
  19. Own a yacht
  20. Hug a penguin
  21. Travel back in time
  22. Have a pet arowana
  23. Have a pet horse
  24. Have a pet fox
  25. Have a pet dolphin
  26. Have a pet eagle <–wow…I seem to want so many pets XD
  27. Spend new years somewhere exotic
  28. Go kayaking with a whale <–yes there is such thing
  29. Donate money for something and have my name on it
  30. Learn how to play the violin
  31. Design a Japanese garden for my house
  32. Hold a world record
  33. Go to a major concert
  34. Discover a new element
  35. Memorize every last component of the periodic table
  36. Become a pro cosplayer
  37. Ride to school on a horse
  38. Get stranded on an island and get rescued a day later
  39. Go to the actual setting of the Harry Potter films and the Lord of the Rings films
  40. Spend an entire day (23 hours and 56 minutes) being happy about who I am
  41. Save someone’s life
  42. See the northern lights
  43. See a lunar eclipse
  44. Pet a white Siberian tiger, then make it follow me home
  45. Get my portrait painted
  46. Become fluent in Japanese
  47. Meet Ayumi Hamasaki and get her autograph
  48. Meet Nami Tamaki and make her teach me her dance to Prayer, and get her autograph
  49. Have a true lifetime friend
  50. Do most of the things on this list with my lifetime friend
  51. Write a novel and get it published
  52. Go to Hawaii with friends and have a beach party
  53. Learn to cook really well
  54. See a cure be found for cancer
  55. Build an igloo and live in it for a few days
  56. Sing without making myself and others go deaf
  57. Stop questioning my faith
  58. Change someone’s life
  59. Invite all my friends to a party and just have fun
  60. Catch a falling leaf
  61. Find out what I’m good at
  62. Design my own wedding dress and wear it
  63. Design my own kimono and wear it
  64. Throw a dart on a map and go to that place
  65. Compose a decent composition and publish it
  66. Find buried treasure
  67. Shake hands with someone famous
  68. Voice act for a character of an anime
  69. Sing a theme song for an anime
  70. Design a house and have it get built for me
  71. Live in that house
  72. Write a note and throw it into the ocean in a bottle, then find it again
  73. Learn to be a pro snowboarder
  74. Paint pictures and have them displayed in a gallery
  75. Fall through a cloud and land on a giant pillow
  76. Get a washable tattoo of wings on my back
  77. Go up to a mob of smokers and laugh at their stupidity <– Actually…I do this a lot =_=
  78. Go scuba diving
  79. Be loved for no reason
  80. Understand math
  81. Meet someone with a photographic memory
  82. Knit my very own Harry Potter scarf
  83. Be on one of those Chinese game shows
  84. Make a whole bunch of people laugh out loud
  85. Have my very own AC company <–No, it doesn’t stand for air conditioning
  86. Go on one of those cooking shows and totally screw up and laugh at myself
  87. Witness a robber robbing a bank and trip him, leading to his capture
  88. Go to the Great Wall of China and yell out ‘PROUD TO BE CANADIAN’
  89. Dash into a burning house and come out casually saying ‘my it’s hot in there’ <– Maybe I should do this last XD
  90. Learn how to play the harp
  91. Spend a few days with friends at a Japanese inn with hot springs
  92. Go to Venice and go on those boats along the Grand Canal
  93. Learn how to dance
  94. Be in a music video of a song I wrote
  95. Go insane for sticky photos one day
  96. Memorize 50 digits of Pi <–I only know 17 -.-
  97. Meet all of my MS buddies in real life
  98. Travel around the world with my closest friends
  99. Remain life long friends with the friends I have now
  100. Be a very important person in someone’s life for a lifetime


  Manson wrote @

It’s about time u finished =.=…

  Manson wrote @

Hey! At least you did half of number 5 =.=…

  lichi wrote @

Throw a dart on a map and go to that place  <- thats my dream man lol copy right, so is umm graduting university, hugging penguines and go to jap as a excahnge student.. i’m so sueing u :P lol i’m glad u have goals, some may be impossible (21) but at least u have something great to work toward, from the bottom of my heart i wish u the best in sucessding them , life is like a gift, i wasted too much of it >< but if u have dreams i’m sure it will take u somewhere amazing..

  lichi wrote @

spam spam spam lalalal >< *eats my pencil crayon collection*

  lichi wrote @

*finds more crayons and start drawing all over my wall*

  Jazy wrote @

LOL, no prob for stealin my idea haha… i dun even know where i came up with the idea..i might make a 50 things to do before i graduate hs, giving me 2 years to accomplish…lol, but omg urs is funnny=) so creative! hehe, gooood luck with ur goal! im sure u’ll be able to do way more than half of tht list haha… i mean u could accomplish so much already at the beach like all ur surfin things and stuff haha…

  Maverick wrote @

Aren’t you supposed to set realistic goals? Or at least semi realistic?  Travel back in time? What the hell.  Though its good that most of the other ones are sorta acheiveable :D.
I should make a list like this, except there will only be two things on it:
1.  Become a ninja
2. Kill everyone on my hitlist using my ninja powers.

  Unknown wrote @

I don’t like live spaces XD. Where’s the last 4? And is #96 supposed to be… you know… <3. XD

  Fushi wrote @

holy cow @_@…there’s only 96 =_=…i swear there was 100…well there’s 100 now..=_=

  Manson wrote @

Oh, Fushi fixed it XD

  Whitney wrote @

Awwww. i like #79 haha. =) may ur dreams come true fushi ~

  Manson wrote @

For no reason? O_O

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