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AHHH IT’S SO COLD!!!  *trips over a pile of snow*  *shivers*  My what a day.  My guidance appointment today was supposed to be at 9:30 in the morning, so I got there at 9:30 and am told to return in 15 minutes.  So I go back at 9:45, and am told to go back at 10.  So I go back AGAIN and am told to go in the afternoon =_=  Well I went during lunch time and got my timetable changed wheeeee *throws confetti*  I dropped accounting and took grade 11 art in its place.  *punches the air*  Hmm…I had to help Money and Skissor’s with their photography assignment today, where they had to take 6 pictures of 6 colours (36 in total)…so after school the 3 of us went around Bayview taking pictures of cars to recycling bins.  Highlight of the day was when we saw a school bus pass by…
Money: AHH!! YELLOW!!
Skissors: QUICK! J-WALK NOW!
*Fushi and Money crosses the street*
My what stares we got.  Awesome.  We took pictures for about an hour…and still didn’t finish @_@…we even went into the Harvey’s on Bayview and Money took a picture of the caution: wet floor sign cuz it was yellow XD  Then we went out without buying anything…O_O…and now Fushi is freezing her butt off.  HORRAY!!!  Never will I take photography…although I was thinking about it…*trails off*
And now the quotes of the day:
10 is n – Mrs. Corvetti-prez
n is 10.  I like green pigs and hen – Julie and Fushi


  Manson wrote @

hmmm accounting was so easy last year *thinks back* ahhh… those were the days XD

  lichi wrote @

=_= accounting for art… lol well i surpose its worth accounting is alot of Money and skissors , i assume those are nicknames O_o how should i put it.. they are quiet unique lol

  Wing-Wei wrote @

Accounting = Arts ? Lmao, great switch-a-roo. Those courses are equiv.?
Whoa, it’s snowing ovr there? Fun FUn~!!! Snow Angels evrywhere…
O_o a yellow school bus? All you need now is a butterfly in the sy. xD

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