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1st Competition

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Good job, Fushi.  I practiced all day only to find out halfway through the car ride I had practiced the wrong piece and therefore, brought the wrong book with me.  I had to rush back home and get the other book.  Stupid registration form put the piece for Saturday on top of the piece for Friday…=_=  I guess it’s also my fault for not paying attention. BUT OMG I PRACTICED THE WRONG PIECE ARGGG!!!  How I got 3rd place I have no idea.  I stopped twice, and my FANAL CADENCE WAS MESSED.  I even stopped and said…oops…and yeah ^^;  Hm…86%  Eh…tied some dude for 3rd place.  Out of 5 people =_=  The grand piano had a sqeaky pedal…ahaha…and my entire piece has pedal @_@  Tomorrow I’m gonna have another competition…AND I’M GONNA MAKE SURE I PRACTICE THE RIGHT SONG THIS TIME.
So lets see…here is the almighty criticsm I received:
Judge: Well well well…Prokofieff eh?
Fushi: o.o
Judge: You like this piece?
Fushi: *shakes head* (I actually REALLY love the piece)
Judge: WHAT?!  Oh…well maybe that’s why you weren’t so enthusiastic about playing eh?
Fushi: *nods ever so slowly*
Judge: Well beautiful playing.  My only concern is that the melody is in the left hand and your right hand is too loud.  Yes that’s the sad thing in life.  The hardest hand is the least important.  *nods*  You have incredibly fast fingers…but don’t rush.  It’s like Christmas.  DON’T RUSH!! ENJOY IT!!
Fushi: O__O…
Judge: But all in all, wonderful playing.
Fushi: *thinks: holy…this guy has low expectations…*


  Kyle wrote @

well good job on gettin 3rd when u practiced the wrong song =P, GOOD LUCK to you on ur 2morrows piano competition~

  Wing-Wei wrote @

Ah haha did the switch-a-roo… Awesome playing. Wish I was there to watch your peformance. =D Squeaky pedal. Needs a grease up lmao. Well, good luck on your competition tomorrow. Best wishes. <3 Wow what he said about the importance of hand and enjoyment is very touching. He must of been moved.

  Wesley wrote @

Everyone wins lol. At least you’re in the TOP 3 *nods* =). I didn’t even get anything on my last competition hehehe. May luck be on your side tomorrow =).

  Manson wrote @

Go for 1st this time XD

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