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Fullmoon wo Sagashite

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Hm…so the news today is…I FINISHED ALL 7 VOLUMES OF FULLMOON WO SAGASHITE!!!  *cheers from the crowd*  Ok, if you don’t read it, or haven’t read it, you won’t understand ANY MORE OF THIS BLOG…starting…NOW XD
Ok…OMG I FEEL SO SORRY FOR EICHI!  *bursts into tears*  He’s been protecting Mitsuki ALL ALONG…and SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH TAKUTO?!  Tsk Tsk Mitsuki, but I guess you have your reasons.  Aww…near the end, you get to see Eichi flying through these doves, and he sees Mitsuki SMILING with Takuto, and he’s like >=(  But then, he puts on a sad smile…wait…what point am I making? I DON’T KNOW…BUT IT WAS SOOOO SAD…*cries* Ok…hm…I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!!!  Omg, my nose was literally glued to the pages…it was SO good.  If you’re the type that loves soap operas, you’ll love Fullmoon wo Sagashite.  The characters are SO well developed, and the plot and stuff is WONDERFUL, not to mention the BEAUTIFUL drawings by TANEMURA-SAMA!!  XD…uh…I never saw the anime…YET…Kyle, get burning XD…LOL…but I hear it’s pretty good.  I recommend the manga though, as the plot is WAY different in the anime, like, how Mitsuki goes to America and Eichi dies in a car crash.  WHOOPS DID I SPOIL IT FOR YOU KYLE?!   Yeah, in the manga, Mitsuki knew all along Eichi was dead, and she was only pretending he was still alive, but she still loved him…AWW…ok I’m getting too emotional…POINT IS…EVERYONE READ FULLMOON WO SAGASHITE…YOU WONT’ REGRET IT XD


  Manson wrote @

Whoa, haven’t seen you for like err… a week?

  Kyle wrote @

wtf manson, u commented so fast…anyways.. u spoil it for me T.T……….. mayb i should read the manga too
i would recommand it to everyone too its really good xD
i already burned ep 1-8 still gettin the other ones =P

  Wing-Wei wrote @

O_o *pokes*

  lichi wrote @

OMG OMG>>> dude major spoilers alert… thanks for spoiling…. T.T lol i still need to finsh full moon books… manson stocks fushi’s blog obvisouly…
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