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Ok…it’s the first weekend since we all signed our death warrants…and Fushi is out on another random spam spree =) And the random topic today is…uh…ok, so Fushi would like to reflect on the teachers of her first semester.

Nowak – He is my World Religions teacher. I hate his classes. World Religions can actually be very fascinating to study yet he makes it SOOO BORING! Gosh…his voice has…some sort of drone to it, and he speaks SO DARN SLOW…and slurs words together…and it makes it so hard NOT to fall asleep. He arranged us in alphabetical order…and I’m RIGHT in front of his desk =_= I try so hard to stay awake, I don’t think I’ll last much longer in his classes. He starts everyday off with a morning prayer. Ok, that’s perfectly fine, but you don’t have to read us 10 pages of the bible. Not that it’s not interesting…oh wait…I take it back…he makes it VERY uninteresting…=_= Rating: 2/5

Pronounciation: NO-vack
Age (based on Fushi’s eyes): 50+
Other subjects taught: Religion
Positive things: He’s very devoted to his faith.
Negative things: He’s very devoted to his faith…and is boring.
Other: Can always be seen with a wooden cross around his neck. He is also a deacon.

Flaim – My Media Studies teacher. He’s actually ok, I’m not complaining. He almost always is able to find something correct about your answer, even if it is way wrong. I also like his personality. A joke here, a glare there, and a slam on the table to add the finishing touches. He has the special abilty of keeping a class quiet without much effort. A strange fact about him: unlike most teachers, he lets his classes have the freedom to eat candy and chew gum in his class, as long as we don’t make the popping sounds with the gum which he can’t make. I love his sarcasm, he was also nice enough to let us sit where we desired. A very picky teacher however, we are only allowed to drink liquids not in cans. Rating: 4.5/5

Pronounciation: Flame
Age (based on Fushi’s eyes): 30+
Other subjects taught: Economics?
Positive things: He’s sarcastic and very lenient.
Negative things: He’s sarcastic and very lenient.
Other: Brings his own electric fan to class.

Lunch – Clearly, the best teacher in the universe =) Hehe, lunch time had always been on the list of things I looked forward to during my day. You see your friends, relax, and for my record, finish up late homework =) Rating: 2847568753/1 v^.^

Corvetti-prez – The math teacher I had last year for 3 days before I got switched to a different teacher, who is now on a one-year vacation she had waited 14 years for. But anyway, back to Corvetti. All the students want Corvetti for their mathematics teacher, and I can see why. She is super nice, has excellent teaching methods, and she actually really wants you to pass, unlike…some teachers…*COUGH*RUDDY*COUGH* Corvertti also gets bonus marks because she doesn’t collect and mark math binders XD Wait…I take back those marks because she randomly picks on you to answer questions. So yeah, we were reviewing exponents this week. Fushi’s brain: WHAT?! YOU CAN HAVE FRACTIONS AS EXPONENTS?!

Pronounciation: cor-VEH-tee-prezz
Age (based on Fushi’s eyes): 30+
Other subjects taught: Mathematics
Positive things: Teaching methods are clear.
Negative things: Teaches too fast and randomly picks people to answer questions.
Other: Actually wants you to pass.

Ruddy – AHHH!!! Before I run away and hide in the nearest golf ball, I shall risk my life to write a description about the dreaded Ruddy. First impressions are a very important thing. One doesn’t always have a second chance for a good first impression. The Ruddy gave an excellent example of how bad my first impression of him was. I had heard…from…various people…that Ruddy is an extremely difficult English teacher. Rumours tell me he used to be an art teacher, and he grades you on the amount of art you put in ISUs and assignments. Poor Fushi, she’ll never pass his classes then because she just doesn’t possess a talent for art, but anyway, back to the topic. For a teacher who failed his entire grade 11 English class last year for first term, I was very surprised to witness how he has NO KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH AT ALL. Gosh, the dude arrives late to class, sits down and talks about art, and does the attendance 5 minutes before the class is dismissed. I can’t stop complaining. He doesn’t TEACH…AT ALL! That’s like the Nowak…but Ruddy is clearly worse. He drifts off topic sooo much, there should be another word to describe his rantings, but I can’t think of one right now. Ok, the poem is entitled ‘A Common Magic’, how on earth did he manage to tweak the discussion to 10 cent plastic combs for guys?! It’s also very hot in his classroom, making it easier for me to fall asleep. The guy’s doing it to himself…it’s not my fault if he ends up on many of the students’ voodoo lists… Rating: 1.5/5

Pronounciation: RUD-dee
Age (based on Fushi’s eyes): 40+
Other subjects taught: English
Positive things: N/A
Negative things: Too many to list.
Other: Is married to my grade 10 science teacher, Mrs. Zefkich. Why do they have different last names?


  lichi wrote @

lol unlike you .. i have all new teachers this year.. some good some bad .. but having 8 courses at the same time may be a little tough this year.. but lichi will try his best.. and fushi will too right ?  lol great bio on all ur teachers XD i got to admit i love lunch too lol … but as i always have said play nice little one… don’t tourture them too much .. i’ll help u in w/e way i can help u.. best wishes

  Fushi wrote @

little one? LOL uh lichi, i have all new teachers this year ahaha..cept for animation =P

  Manson wrote @

Fushi’s socks, lemons, muffins, and w/e I missed from the previous comment I left (these are all random things which Fushi missed/wants in her blog). btw good luck with those low ranking teachers o.o… OMG OMG LUNCH "IS" the best… so true… hhahaha *nods*

  Whitney wrote @

AHAHA. i love it. a lil analysis rating thing on ur teachers. lovelyy. AHAHAHA. wonderful. now i can even cite you and write my own report on your school teachers. lol. that was indeed creative =P as are all ur entries! good luck in englishh <3 angeL

  Wing-Wei wrote @

Ah haha Ruddy is a sure laugh, those teachers are the funniest.
Flaim sounds nice and i think hes trying to make friends with students
The rest sounds evil-k-nval…LUNCH does rox ur sox ^^ v
Try to have fun in school. =] You should add your info to…
rateprofessor….hehe gives good insights as well =P

  terence wrote @


  Benji wrote @

WOW u tricked me into writing a comment and i just realized that i have a site <– when did this h appen anywaysssssss hiii my gr 9 err 10 err 11? friend konichiwaaaa i mean konbanwaaa from wut time it is now o wait its 1:28 am so konichiwaaaaa anyways i must be scaring all of u if u want to talk to me just remember that im a crazy person who will stalk u and follow u around buhahahahhahahaha!

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