When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

I’m sick X_x

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AHHHH *silence*  I’m sick TT_TT  Omg…how on earth did I get sick?!  I don’t know.  Why are you reading this?  I don’t wanna know.  Not that any of you people out there care…*starts talking to self*  What a lovely day it is today…indubitably…¬_¬  *cough* *sneeze* UGH…=_=” I hate being sick ;_;  I was perfectly fine yesterday…then I started getting the sniffles in the afternoon, then my eyes got watery, and then my headache came…RAWR…hm…let us look at the possibilities as to why I am sick, or how I got sick.
– I fall asleep everyday at 4am or later
– I skip breakfast and lunch everyday, sometimes even dinner
– My face is glued to the computer screen 3478 hours a day, 4587 days a week
– AC is always turned on yet I remain in my pajamas freezing to death
– I already possess a weak immune system
– I have no life
Ah…now it makes sense =)  Whoops, I forgot to sleep last night.  Teehee…silly me, nothing to do so decided to write something in my blog this early in the morning.  Ah…my head HURTS >_<  *sneezes* Oh crap…my throat’s starting to hurt as well -_-  AHHH…I see a ruler beside me.  *throws confetti*  People in the audience: Yep, she’s lost it.
Random stuff I thought about in bed:
– I can’t run up my 3 flights of stairs without stopping halfway and camping there
– UVERworld is really cool
– Must not roll around *cough*
– My pillow is lumpy
– I think I’ll sing this song for J-Idol next year at Anime North
– I’m screwed for piano
– I’m screwed for math
– I’m basically screwed for everything there is to screw about


  Kyle wrote @

Hope You feel better very soon!~ =D

  Katherine wrote @

Awww *makes Fushi chicken noodle soup and a brownie*
*fedex’s them across the atlantic*
hope you feel better soon Fushi-Mushi

  Whitney wrote @

Ahhh… as i hear… ur better alreadi… must be that wonderful three flavoured lobster cream piee i baked for u……………. o_o…..well well… GET WELL SOON NEWAYZ!!! <– i dunno why i said that since ur alreadi better. LOL. hmmzers. good luck on math and piano and swimming (wth??) and watching the frogs jump across ur backyard (uh…. ). Newayz… dun screw urself… er… that’s… not rite… i meant to say…. UR NOT SCREWED. lol =P lets hangout sometime soon before summer ends =) hope this was funnie for u =P lotsa luvvles -angeL* psst… stop staying up sooo late… not goods for u =) u need ur prettie sleep! and dun skip so many meals… ONLI I"M ALLOWED TO DO THAT…. lol. shh. =P i’m outz~ WoE time on RO !

  Fushi wrote @


  lichi wrote @

hi… umm ya.. could i get a extra large pizza with pepperony and green pepper… o wait.. wrong site .. and u can’t cook =) DON"T KILL ME ><… lol here’s something to think about.. ur not really sick u just think ur sick :P.. but get well soon.. i’ll cheer for u at the anime north next year .. cough…oh wait here’s a good plan .. i sing u sale ear plugs XD we could start a business like that

  Wesley wrote @

your good health will be in my prayers *nods*

  Wing-Wei wrote @

Oh no…youre sick and having "sniffles". Yikes! So the game is testing the exploding capacity on experimental subjects (Humans aka Customers). Its amazing how so many people can’t puncture their cups. I made the drinks where the limit is so convexed that there is barely any air to resist within the seal. W00t!!! Well, heres the trick. When the AC is on, maneuv it by snuggling into blankies. The mini ones always work the best. The AC would be like wt..she made a shield. I ran out of Chef Boyardee Chicken Noodles Soup. =X Don’t worry, bring out the Hainan Chicken. The pure boiled broth taste really Yummy…Well i hope you will have fun. Youre not screwed, youre just ready but unprepared. =] Think the unthinkable and thats Food! My stomach is growling…time for Ramen Noodles Creamy Chicken Flavour..=P Toots!

  Manson wrote @

hi… (Fushi forced me to do this…) 

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