When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

I’ve been tagged @_@

Currently listening to: —
1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours. <– whoever reads this, do this =P
3. Leave a tag on the person’s tagboard to say he/she have been tagged. <– not gonna do this =P
4. Start your post with ‘I have been tagged!’


Favourite Colour: Good question.  I don’t have one.  Pastels are nice.  I like white too, but white’s not a colour =P
Favourite Food: Another question worth pondering about.  Hm…I like Japanese food and Italian food.
Favourite Movie: Uhhh…*ponders*
Favourite Sport: Hm…sports I’ve tried?  Badminton I guess.  Just sports in general?  Archery, snowboarding, hand gliding, wind surfing…
Favourite Day of the Week: Sunday
Favourite Season: Depends on what’s planned…
Favourite Ice Cream: Ermmm…


Current Mood: Bored
Current Clothes: Erm…blue sleeveless shirt, blue jeans with stars on them, blue vest on top and an ADIDAS red and black windbreaker.
Current Desktop: IT’S A MUSHROOM XD
Current Time: 1:36am
Current Surroundings: Hm…computer…piano…windows…there’s a highlighter over there…*points*
Current Annoyances: My headache…>_<
Current Thoughts: Keychain…I MEAN…*looks away quickly*


First Best Friend: Uh…Angel =)
First Crush: Wait wait…RL? Or…*cough* TEEHEE XD *huggles Ed plushie*
First Movie: UH…good question. *nods* I don’t watch many movies…take me sometime =P
First Lie: Hm…
First Music: Omg I have no clue…


Last Drink: Green tea o.O
Last Car Ride: From a restaurant back to my house.  Few hours ago…
Last Crush: >_>
Last Phone Call: Err…don’t remember…
Last CD played: Some anime CD I burned…

Have you ever:

Have you ever dated your best friend: Heck no…
Have you ever broken the law: I download music…and I ride my bike without a helmet.
Have you ever been arrested: Nope =)
Have you ever been on TV: Yeshhhh
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: No O_O


5 things you are good at: Hm…*thinks hard* Err…sleeping, being annoying, being random, procrastinating and uh…scaring people =)
4 things you did today: Went SHOPPING with my mom, was forced to try on a SKIRT, worried over my bunny and purchased a book.
3 things you can hear right now: Myself typing, silence, and more silence.
2 things you want: Er…to skip math on Tuesday and have a sleepover with Angel.
1 thing you do when you are bored: My brain does a weird dance. JK JK…I don’t know what I do…listen to music I guess…

People I tag:

Uh…whoever reads this XP Ok ok fine…I’ll name people…erm…Angel for sure.  TEEHEE XD  Uh…*looks at people who commented on my blog* Lichi, Wesley, Katy, Ray and whoever just wants to do this =P  Well you don’t hafta do this, I was just bored =)



  Wing-Wei wrote @

Zomgosh…you caught me off guard. I was unable to enable my force shield. =.="  Gah…time for me to t@g!!!

  Whitney wrote @

Wooooo. i’ve been tagged XD. that’s sooo long tho! I’ll blog it laterwardsss when i get bored =D hhehee. OMG. sleepoverrrr!!! we must decide on date! netimee i’m free except for 15th and 19th so farrrr =D

  lichi wrote @

OMG HIII!!!!!!!!! XD u so set me up for that :P i should have known lol… omg that’s like the survey u send me last time except that one took me 2 hours >< lol :P hehe have fun shoping at FMP bring me back something lol .. i don’t care wt it is … jk jk :P bring ur self back.. don’t live at the anime store too long >< i’ll miss u :P lol

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