When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


Currently listening to: Eyes On Me – Uematsu Nubuo
Eh…I was supposed to go to P-mall today and meet Debbie XD I chickened out at the last minute, didn’t want to take the bus alone.  Spent the whole day at home, couldn’t play MS either cuz whenever I try to accept the new patch, my computer just restarts itself ¬_¬  Pretty boring day today, just felt like posting something. 
It’s raining HAIL right now O.O…I can hear it hitting my window >_>  I hope my windows don’t break XD  Omg…this smiling old man just came to my door and asked me to donate some money for this charity that aids people in wheel chairs.  Sad thing is…I WAS WEARING MY PAJAMAS…yes lovely.  I opened the door a crack and saw him standing in the pouring rain and hail.  Omg…I felt terrible because I had no money to donate and I couldn’t invite him in to sit down either >_<  I was choking out the words when I told him my parent’s weren’t here to give some donations ;_;  Gosh I felt TERRIBLE.  He just looked sadly at me then gave me a tiny nod and took out his umbrella and stepped back into the rain.
WAH…what a terrible person I am ;_;


  現代人 wrote @


  Whitney wrote @

awwwiee fushiiii. ur suchh a sweeet caring personnn, no worriezzz, i’m suree the old maan would havee gotten lots of donationss! and it’s soo thotful of u to think of himm =) sighzzz. poooorrr ppl in the rain! i dun likee rainyy daayyys… cuuz it makes u feel =_= and =| . lol. wellllllll. lovelyy bg musiccness =) hope to see youu sooonn! loves GLOB buddie : angeL*

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