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My Perfect Lover

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Because I possess the memory capacity of a goldfish, (3 minutes) I finally remember the main reason I made this MSN space.  Lichi had tagged me on his space, some game about your perfect lover if I remember correctly.  Well here goes nothing o.O In no particular order, just whatever pops into my head =)

1. The tagged victim (me in this case) has to come up with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover. (Only 8?! *Sigh*)
2. He/she needs to mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover.
3. He/she must tag 8 more people to join this game and leave a comment on their respective sites announcing that they’ve been tagged. <– (I’m not gonna do this =3=)
4. If tagged a second time, there’s no need to post again.
My Perfect Lover-
1.  He is honest.  I don’t care if it’s regarding the mop of hair resting on my head.  If it’s hideous, make like a tree and tell me. 
2.  He is indulgent and ready to overlook my faults.  He is forgiving and he acknowledges that I am an imperfect person, but sees me as perfect anyway.
3.  He is decent looking.  Ok…so everyone has their views on what’s hideous and decent and what not, but to be honest, looks shouldn’t matter, and they don’t.  Why is it even in my description? I don’t know…but of course if he was GORGEOUS, (like anime people XD) it would be a HUGE bonus =P
4.  He will not sacrifice things for me.  SURPRISE SURPRISE!  Yeah, weird eh?  If he started skipping classes to see me and ended up failing school, that won’t make me happy, it would make me feel terrible.  Sure it’s sweet in those movies where the guy dies for the girl, but if you think about it, the guy has just made the girl seem like she owes him her all and now her life is miserable.  Ok that was a bit extreme but point made =)  I don’t want him sacrificing money and stuff on me.  Occasional little gifts are ok.  I like it when people give me lil surprises here and there, but I don’t want extreme gifts that cost a fortune, it’s the thought that counts =)  Gosh this point makes no sense and it’s hard to explain >_>
5.  He knows how to make me smile.  If I’m feeling down about some test result, I don’t want him just to say ‘It’s just a test, get over it’.  More like ‘Aww…it’s okie *patpat* I’m sure you’ll do better next time =) I can help you study if you wish =D’
6.  He is not obsessive.  It’s so scary if all he says is he wants to spend his life with you and can’t keep his arms off.  I don’t want him calling 3 in the morning questioning me about my mail.  I don’t want public displays of affection every 10 seconds. Octopus arms scare me.  Lichi says it best: Girls are like cats.  The more you hold onto them, the more they run from you.  Or something like that anyway…-_-
7.  He is smart.  He doesn’t need like a sky-high average, but I can’t picture myself with a complete idiot.  He should, at the very least, have good English.
8.  He shares some common interests with me, whether it be the arts, anime, or even being random =O  Anything in common at all =)
Gosh that took me long >_< And I couldn’t really explain all the stuff in my mind because 8 points is seriously too little. Ah well…it’ll do for now I guess =) I tag…uh…Angel! XD Elisa? Oh gosh idk…whoever reads this can feel free to do whatever they want.  I can’t be bothered if you don’t post this on your blog or what not.  Heck…most of you don’t even have one…why do I have one? *ponders*


  lichi wrote @

OMG FIRST TO POST XD feels speical lol… omg that perfectly describs… ………………….
*the tree

  Fushi wrote @

That’s right..the tree  ¬_¬”’

  Whitney wrote @

AHAAA! FUSHIIII. I GOT TAGGED =DDDDD ur thingg is sooo cuteee =DDDD but the thing is… YOU SAID EVERYTHING THAT"S ON MY MIND. LOL. i mite as well copy and paste all ur requirements into my own blog. AHAHAH! well well, loveee the pastel-ness of ur spaceyy =) keeep up the pretttieeness! have an awesomeeee summmerrr and I"LL BE BAKKK!!! *hugglez*

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